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Stunts Stars And Legends: John Hagner
Artwork and articles by John Hagner (Artist of the Stars)

Curt BonnCurt Bonn learned the hard lessons of hazardous work years ago when he worked, as a youth with bull gangs in logging camps on Queen Charlotte islands in British Columbia, as a Choker Man. He climbed trees 100 feet high with only a waist belt and boot spurs. He also raced stock cars and drove in car commercials. He started designing ratchets and cable rigging, and coordinated stunts for shows like Smallville, Scary Movie and others. Curt spent years perfecting techniques for use in the film industry, which propelled him to become one of the industries most successful Stunt Coordinators. Curt Bonn is one of the many honored Inductees in the Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame.







Movies Made in Moab


Richard Dean AndersonRichard Dean Anderson

MacGyver - 1985 (TV Pilot)

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson

Location: Dead Horse Point State Park and Shafer Overlook

Story: Two rare golden eagles facing extinction are aided by MacGyver, who simultaneously must approach the poacher trying to kill the birds and eliminate Macgyver. Mac happily volunteers for a Phoenix Foundation mission to help the golden eagles. The pair he is sent to check on lives on a steep mountain. During his first attempt to approach by a para-glider; they are attacked in flight by a rich poacher and his accomplices in a helicopter, who shoot the male by gun, far out of reach, and the female is wounded by a crossbow before taking flight. Mac descends to get the female, and teams up there with ten year old Darin Cooper, who learned a lot about eagles from his late granddad. They bring the wounded eagle to the cabin where Darin’s over-protective single mother Susan brought him in an attempt to mend her bond with the growing boy. Darin who needs more space to become a man instantly takes to understanding father figure Mac. They nurse the eagle but realize the male and chicks must be found, as raising them is not a single parent job with eagles. With improvised extra climbing gear Mac risks his life to rescue the male eagle and chicks.

Steve RailsbackSteve Railsback.


Starring: Steve Railsback

Location: Pack Creek Ranch, Onion Creek and Moab City

The story centers around John Rourke, ex-CIA officer-turned weapons and survival expert, in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

He is noted for his dangerous, chameleon-like portrayals and possessing the scariest-looking pair of eyes in the business. He has mesmerized moviegoers for years with many weird, sometimes warped roles both in films and on television.

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John Hagner (Founder) is also the Artist of the Stars.
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