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Science HAPPENINGS April 2019

Science For Guides

500 Women Scientists Website

Southeast Utah 500 Women Scientists
Mission and Values:

Our Mission:
  • To share the importance of science.
  • To support one another as a community of women scientists in Southeast Utah
  • To be in service in the name of science to the communities of Southeast Utah.

Our Values:
  • Being a supportive group for women scientists in Southeast Utah
  • Advocate for inclusivity in our group and in science at large
  • Increase scientific literacy for locals and tourists
  • Mentor and support students of science (especially girls)

Thousands of tourists who come to Moab each year take advantage of guided adventures including rafting, mountain biking, off-roading, and canyoneering. The substantial workforce of professional adventure guides in our community have unique and important jobs. In addition to having the expertise in their field to keep people safe, guides also field questions that arise while traveling though our amazing landscape about natural history, archeology, and biology. For tourists, their guide is not only leading them on an adventure but is also their teacher, who has the power to influence the way their clients think, feel, and interact with Moab.

The Southeast Utah chapter of 500 Women Scientists recognizes the crucial role that guides play in influencing how the millions of visitors that come here each year interpret our amazing landscape. We are a group of over 30 female scientists from SE Utah striving to improve the availability of science information in our community for both locals and tourists. On May 3rd, we are hosting an event called Science for Guides at Star Hall. This event was designed with guides in mind that focuses on providing new information about some of the amazing Science happening around Moab. There will be talks from local experts about the UMTRA site, archaeology, geology, and water quality.

Speakers include Kate Magargal, a local anthropologist, who will discuss what current archaeology and ethnography tells us about the human use of fire on the Colorado Plateau. Will Leggett of the National Park Service is a trained geologist who will discuss how geologic forces forged Moab’s unique landscape. Liz Moran is a hydrogeologist for the Moab UMTRA site and will provide the audience with a behind the scenes peek at what exactly is going on at our local tailings pile. Finally, Rebecca Weissinger, an aquatic ecologist at the National Park Service, will discuss new research about emerging contaminants in national park waters and the Colorado River.

Following the talks, there will be a mingle at the Museum of Moab with booths from local organizations and snacks. Booths will include Moab Dark Skies, Rim to Rim Restoration, local biocrust experts, water quality experts, archeologists, and more! This event is a great opportunity for guides to get updated knowledge of the region and speak to experts about commonly asked questions they may get from their clients. Talk start at 6pm at Star Hall, mingle starts at 7pm at Museum of Moab. All are welcome!

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