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Science HAPPENINGS March 2019

Girl Scouts of Utah Helps Girls Change the World with Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math

Southeast Utah 500 Women Scientists
Mission and Values:

Our Mission:
  • To share the importance of science.
  • To support one another as a community of women scientists in Southeast Utah
  • To be in service in the name of science to the communities of Southeast Utah.

Our Values:
  • Being a supportive group for women scientists in Southeast Utah
  • Advocate for inclusivity in our group and in science at large
  • Increase scientific literacy for locals and tourists
  • Mentor and support students of science (especially girls)

Girls are natural-born scientists! They look at the world with inquisitive eyes, experiment and push boundaries, and learn as they go. With the recent release of 23 new STEM badges, as well as additional STEM Journeys, Girl Scouts of Utah introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Research shows that after a Girl Scout STEM program, 56% of girls reported liking science more, and 42% reported liking math more. Girls build confidence and learn how STEM fits into their lives, and now they can use STEM to improve the world.

Girl Scouts of Utah provides a unique K-12 curriculum that inspires girls to embrace and celebrate scientific discovery in their lives. Girl Scout STEM Badges and Journeys cover topics from mechanical engineering to Citizen Science. These Badges and Journeys are designed to engage girls in hands-on STEM exploration while developing skills such as critical thinking and problem solving from a young age.

In the summer of 2018, Girl Scouts from across the state participated in Camp Paleontology in Moab, where they learned about fossils and visited the Mill Canyon track site. This camp is taught by professional women paleontologists from across the United States.

There are several ways girls can get involved in STEM: they can participate in a FIRST robotics team, reach for the stars at astronomy events, and even discover outdoor STEM in activities at camp.

Girl Scouts of Utah partners with numerous outside agencies to enhance STEM events, which cover a wide range of topics and incorporate real-world applications and introductions to STEM careers. To learn more about Girl Scouts and STEM, or to find a troop in Moab, visit or call (801) 265-8472.

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