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Mountain Bike HAPPENINGS - November 2023
Must Ride Bike Trails In Moab Updated November 2023
by Chile Pepper Bike Shop

Moab has been a world class riding destination for many decades, due to the unique desert slickrock terrain with the magnificent La Sal mountains lying just above, offering incredible alpine conditions. The integration of Alpine and Desert terrain in one spot is unrivaled anywhere else. Add in the fun, funky vibe in town, epic camping, climbing, hiking, top notch river activities, and famous 4x4 opportunities, Moab truly is an adventure launching point. Arches and Canyonlands sure are a nice icing on the cake, but even without those monumental parks, Moab is still one of the best places to vacation to, and vacation to frequently.

Here is a list of the top mountain bike trails, in no particular order, as of the fall of 2023. There are more trails added and new kinds of bikes being made all the time, so we thought itís time for a new list.

Captain Ahab
Itís a classic, it turned 10 years old this year, and itís better than ever. Almost as desirable and famous now as the Whole Enchilada trail system, Ahab is the best one hit wonder in the area. It can be a multi lap, long adventure, or a quick after work one half lap and done. Both experiences are spectacular. Must hit ride in town, if you are up for the challenge, itís a real deal expert level trail.

Eagle Eye
This trail is part of the Raptor Route System, as well as the ďChicken EnchiladaĒ option of the Whole Enchilada. What makes Eagle Eye so fun is the flow. Donít get us wrong, its still a full on desert ride, with chunk, drops, chatter etc, but the trail builders nailed it with momentum and flow. The fun factor is 11 on this trail. Access is pretty far up Sand Flats Road, but its well worth it. Adding on Hawks Glide trail after Eagle Eye makes a great ride.

Hazard County
One of the sections of the Whole Enchilada, Hazard may be the best part. Itís certainly a highlight of the WE, and as a stand alone trail, its top shelf. We do shuttle laps on Hazard whenever we can. Its in terrain that is very different than any other trail in the area, full of scrub oak vegetation, dirt, and rounded rocks more than the square sandstone style rocks of the desert. Flow is the main word for this trail.When you get to know it, and can smash corners and maintain speed, this trail comes alive.

Mega Steps/Alaska/Homer
In the North Klondike area, climbing Mega Steps, and descending Alaska/Homer is a really fun ride. Itíll test your climbing ability, technically and physically, and the reward on the way down is a fun gradient, with a good mix of tech and flow, and some good chunk. We use this loop to test suspension and bike setup a lot, due to the mixed nature of the trail and its classic Moab desert characteristics. If a bike is set up wrong, this trail will let you know real quick.

Bartlett Freeride Area
Itís been a namesake forever and an area that helped put moab on the map, but it seems overlooked a lot due to the epic singletrack that dominates the area now. However, letís not forget how much fun playing ďoff trailĒ can be. Picking out creative lines and not being confined to a single trail is ridiculously fun, and unique to Moab. Some of our best memories on a bike ever have been made at Bartlett.

Ebike on Slickrock Trail
The most epic and most famous trail in the area, with the addition of Ebikes, is literally the pinnacle of bike riding in Moab. Weíve got hundreds of laps under our belt on slickrock.
Shouldnít still be fun should it? It is, and better than ever, on an electric bike. The pedal assist bikes these days are absolutely blowing our minds. Their tech and capabilities are unreal. The fun factor is off the charts on Slickrock. There is literally no other experience like it on earth. I know we said these trails are in no particular order, but this may be at the top of the list in all honesty.

Moonlight Meadows/Clark Lake/Boren Mesa
A summertime gem in the alpine area of the La Sal mountains, with an easy shuttle, and awesome mountain vegetation. The trail is flowy and very mountainy, not what people normally think of when picturing mountain biking in Moab.
Chile Pepper Bikes has a great digital interactive trail info/map center in the shop if you want to come chat about trails in the area. Go ride your bike!

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