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Mountain Bike HAPPENINGS - October 2023
When is the best time to visit Moab?
by Chile Pepper Bike Shop

Unquestionably one of the most anticipated months of the year for all of us that love our desert time is October. Visiting Moab in October has plenty of benefits! Snow may be sticking to the ground in the higher elevations of the mountains, fall colors are still hanging on in the epic aspen groves, the oakbrush is bright red and orange, and the painted desert is in absolute prime condition for exploring. Here are a few great October exploration suggestions.

The Whole Enchilada Bike Ride in October

October is the perfect time to take an entire day and enjoy the famous Whole Enchilada Mountain Bike trail system. Thereís no rush to beat the heat, and thereís no rush to get started too early, as it may be pretty darn cold on top of Burro Pass. Bring your snacks, bring your hydration, bring your chillax mode. Hang out on the rim for an hour. Breath in the fresh air in the thick timber for a beat. Let the desert saturate into you for many many hours on a long day on the Enchilada.

Petrified Sand Dunes - Arches National Park

Shortly after Park Avenue on your drive into the park, the petrified dunes stretch out immensely to your right. This is an epic area of exploration. Your imagination can be your guide. There are dozens of secret canyons, hollows, sand dunes, potholes, and spires. As Edward Abbey would say, get out of your car and walk! The petrified dunes are a great place to have an entertaining and awe inspiring day of walking.

Mag 7 / Gold Bar Rim / Portal Bike Ride

This ride is a classic in the area, and also a pretty big ride. Itís nice to tackle this one when the temps are mild in October. Catch a shuttle up to the top of Gemini Bridges Road with Coyote Shuttle, enjoy the fun descent toward the Gold Bar Rim area, climb up Gold Bar, and take a break on the awesome viewpoint at the top of the climb. Work your way over to the start of the Portal, and take it easy and enjoy the excitement of the exposure. The Downhill to the river is steep and prolonged and one of the best technically difficult descents in the area. A kick butt adventure!

Slickrock Trail on an E Bike

Slickrock trail has always been one of the most unique and famous riding experiences on earth. Now with the assistance of a motor, the trailís fun factor has exponentially grown! Weíve been riding in Moab for 30+ years, and we ride Slickrock Trail on an Ebike more consistently than any other ride in the area. Itís just plain fun!

The Sand Hill
Directly across from the entrance to Arches National Park is an epic sand hill. Weíve spent many many family hours playing up and down on the sand hill. Many months of the year the sand hill is far too hot to play on, but in October, itís a great spot to eddy out with the kids and let them be kids! Pro tip: Bring your snow sled!
Dinner Out:

Outside seating in town is so much fun. After a big day of exploring itís rad to sit outside and enjoy the mild temps, fresh air, and great food and drink.

All these techniques start with eyes up, ride from your core, elbows out. Go Shred!

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