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Moab UT (at City Hall)
38O34’ N Latitude
109O33’ W Longitude
4048 ft - 1234 m

Friend of the Milky Way Recognition Program
By Crystal White


Sunrise-Sunset for April
(The time of sunrise and sunset assumes a flat horizon.
Actual time may vary depending upon the landscape.)




Wed, Apr 1

7:00 am

7:42 pm

Thu, Apr 2

6:58 am

7:43 pm

Fri, Apr 3

6:57 am

7:44 pm

Sat, Apr 4

6:55 am

7:45 pm

Sun, Apr 5

6:54 am

7:46 pm

Mon, Apr 6

6:52 am

7:47 pm

Tue, Apr 7

6:51 am

7:48 pm

Wed, Apr 8

6:49 am

7:49 pm

Thu, Apr 9

6:48 am

7:50 pm

Fri, Apr 10

6:46 am

7:51 pm

Sat, Apr 11

6:45 am

7:52 pm

Sun, Apr 12

6:43 am

7:53 pm

Mon, Apr 13

6:42 am

7:54 pm

Tue, Apr 14

6:41 am

7:55 pm

Wed, Apr 15

6:39 am

7:56 pm

Thu, Apr 16

6:38 am

7:56 pm

Fri, Apr 17

6:36 am

7:57 pm

Sat, Apr 18

6:35 am

7:58 pm

Sun, Apr 19

6:34 am

7:59 pm

Mon, Apr 20

6:32 am

8:00 pm

Tue, Apr 21

6:31 am

8:01 pm

Wed, Apr 22

6:30 am

8:02 pm

Thu, Apr 23

6:28 am

8:03 pm

Fri, Apr 24

6:27 am

8:04 pm

Sat, Apr 25

6:26 am

8:05 pm

Sun, Apr 26

6:24 am

8:06 pm

Mon, Apr 27

6:23 am

8:07 pm

Tue, Apr 28

6:22 am

8:08 pm

Wed, Apr 29

6:21 am

8:09 pm

Thu, Apr 30

6:20 am

8:10 pm

Skies that are dark enough to view the Milky Way are rare in many parts of the world. With growing skyglow (the orange glow seen above communities around the globe) associated with artificial light at night, visitors from all over travel to dark sky destinations to see the Milky Way, perhaps for the first time. For visitors and residents alike, poor lighting design is having a negative effect on our region.

Moab City and Grand County recently passed new outdoor lighting and sign illumination code to create a better, safer, more efficiently lit environment. The Friend of the Milky Way program is here to help businesses, organizations, and non-profits come into compliance with a practical and easy to implement program.

The Program:
To become a Friend of the Milky Way, businesses, organizations, and non-profits are encouraged to convert their outdoor lighting to night sky-friendly lighting with assistance from City and County Planners, Moab Dark Skies Members, and other organizations.

The Goal:
The goal is to better preserve Moab Valley’s incredible night sky resource for residents and visitors’ health and enjoyment and be recognized as a place to experience and appreciate the most brilliant night skies.

To Participate:
Although participation in this program is entirely voluntary, we encourage any business, non-profit, or other organization to apply! We offer applicants a free exterior lighting assessment.

The Benefits:
Applicants recognized as a Friend of the Milky Way will receive the use of the program’s logo on your website, certificate of appreciation and vinyl window cling of recognition, business listing on social media, City, County, and Moab Area Travel Council websites.

Learn More:
For more information, lighting assistance, or for lighting and retrofitting resources, please contact:
Grand County Community and Economic Development Department – Mila Dunbar-Irwin | 435-259-1343
Moab City Planning Department – Cory Shurtleff | 435-259-5129

The Moab Dark Skies was established by the Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks in conjunction with the National Park Service and Utah State Parks Division of Natural Resources.

April 1 - First Quarter at 4:21 am
April 7 - Full Moon at 8:35 pm
April 30 - First Quarter at 2:38 pm

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