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Caffeine HAPPENINGS May 2017

Wicked Brew Serves
Triple Certified Coffee

Wicked Brew Expresso Drive-Thru is a place not only a place where you can grab a quick cup of great coffee, but where you can go to feel good about the coffee you drink. Wicked Brew, on the south end of Moab at 1146 S. Highway 191, serves Caffe Ibis® which has been a pioneer in the development of the organic coffee market in the United States.

Caffe Ibis coffees are processed and harvested with human health, human dignity, and environmental benefits in mind. Many of their coffees are ‘triple certified’ as organic, fair trade, and shade grown.

Caffe Ibis coffee has the rigorous Quality Assurance International (QAI) organic certification, which includes annual on-site inspections, and is in compliance with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic standards. Organically-grown coffee is essential for sustainable agriculture because of the harmful impacts of herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers on the environments of coffee plantations and the people who work on them.

Early organic coffees were really wild, poorly graded coffees, but the demand for specialty grade organic coffee has given rise to some really good coffee worthy of the high praise normally reserved for very special estate coffees.

Fair Trade certification also is a key element for a sustainable coffee future. Fair Trade means paying farmers a fair price for their harvests, helping small farmers gain access to needed loans, establishing direct, long-term trading relationships between buyers and farmers, support for democratically-run coffee co-ops, no child labor, and gender equality.

Shade grown coffee allows for a greater level of biodiversity for birds, butterflies, animals, and plant life than does sun-technified coffee. Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center shade grown organic coffee certification is held by our Triple Certified organic coffee products. Smithsonian-certified shade grown organic coffee is certified to be organically and shade grown under conditions that are ecologically sustainable for migratory birds and their habitat.

Bird-friendly, shade-grown coffee is also the best tasting coffee because it is grown using traditional Arabica bean rootstock. It is grown without chemical herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. The biodiversity of the plantation provides the nutrients and natural pest controls needed by the coffee trees. Shade grown organic coffee produces fewer cherries and ripens slower than “sun-technified coffee.” This allows a concentration of nutrients in shade coffee relative to sun-technified coffee.

Wicked Brew Expresso Drive-Thru offers tasty and creative libations in a very casual Moab atmosphere with stunning red rock views. They offer hot, cold and iced drinks including house coffees espresso, , lattes, chai, teas, and speciality drinks. They also serve famous and deliciously healthy 100% crushed fruit smoothies.

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