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What's Cookin' at the Museum of Moab?

As you enter our pioneer kitchen exhibit, our Quick Meal Wood Stove is the first thing you will probably notice.
John Rigen, a German immigrant, started a tin shop in 1850 in St. Louis. By 1866, he was selling cook stoves, washing machines, and other household items. He asked George August Kahle to be his partner in 1870 and together they formed a thriving business selling cooking stoves and washing machines. They called the cook stoves “quick meals” to reflect the added time convenience of using their product. Their Quick Meal Stove Company was incorporated in 1882.
The Quick Meal stoves eliminated the need for large built-in fire places for cooking and quickly caught on as an easy and affordable way to provide a stove and oven for indoor cooking.
Our stove was wood burning, black cast iron with white enamel door panels. It has six burners, one oven plus a warming oven above. It is on loan from the Knowles Family, originally owned by Rube Walker.
Today, the Quick Meal stove carries on, but is now gas burning. The updated “antique” Quick Meal stoves can easily become the focal point of a modern country kitchen.
So stop on in, check out our pioneer kitchen and see how you could cook up dinner back in the 1850s’ and see what else is new. If you’ve not visited us yet, come and check out the Museum of Moab at 118 East Center Street! Be sure to mention you read about it in Moab Happenings

See our website at for information on our exhibits, tours, and programming.

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