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Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2017
 by Victoria Fugit 

We are experiencing transformation from the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the bedrock of structure -- of human beings, the planet, corporations, governments, economic structure – all that we have assumed to be stable. Pluto was in Capricorn from 1762 to 1777. Capricorn rules the 2nd house of money and values in the US chart. Pluto was in Capricorn at the birth of the United States.

Now that Pluto (plutocracy) is in opposition to the traditional mindset (Mercury, Sun) of the US and rather than working with the population of the US for improved overall conditions, Pluto is working within its own sphere in making plutocracy more powerful.

Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion and irrational thinking squares our ascendant – our way of presenting ourselves to the world. By the middle of May, with Mars entering into our 7th house of enemies and Jupiter (grandiose thoughts, limitless sense of power) squares the US Mars from the 10th of executive power. By July, however, Saturn brings a karmic bill.

None of this feels easy, but remember, there is another act warming up in the wings which I’ll write about next month. The change from caterpillar to butterfly is not easy but the end view is worth it.
Aries Astrological Symbol
Aries – Mercury is in Aries conjunct Uranus in your 1st house until May 13th. Stabilizing Saturn is trine both and can structure any far- out or innovative you might come up with this month. Jupiter in opposition to your Sun can cause dissatisfaction with present earning ability and Venus in Aries enhances the “I want – I need” factor. Look before you leap into debt.

Taurus Astrological Symbol
Taurus – New Moon in Taurus brings a sense of renewal, optimism and a desire for new projects. Mars in your 2nd house all month cautions against overspending since unexpected expenses may require more than a littler of your budget. Friends may be inspiring you with new ideas but give them serious consideration and put pencil to paper before any commitment is made. Your work, health and creative endeavors may require more time than usual this month.
Gemini Astrological Sy
Gemini – Restlessness and desire for change is pushing you to make possibly drastic changes, as your sense of identity morphs. Neptune is dissolving who you were and Jupiter is urging you to leap into ?? Make sure that what you’re planning is your heart’s desire and not what someone close to you wants. Don’t let Neptune serve up a large slice of pie in the sky.

Cancer Astrological Symbol
Cancer – Dreams and intuition are strong during this month’s full Moon. An unexpected journey might cause confusion, so check all details if possible. After you get underway, however, it will be full of surprises and possible adventure. Watch your hips and lower back when working out or hiking
Leo Astrological Sign
Leo – If you feel a little funky this month there is reason for it – nothing big just small things that add up to a mild, but constant irritation and the frustration of things not happening or not going the way you planned or just plain old confusion about your direction and actions. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde can create the feeling of waiting for something to happen but you aren’t sure what. Relax and take naps and let yourself adapt
Virgo Astrological Symbol
Virgo – Jupiter in your second house continues to support your financial well-being into October. It then moves into Scorpio and your 3rd house giving a greater feeling of optimism and more expansive beliefs and ways of thinking. Neptune is still opposing your Sun, opening space in the sometimes rigid Virgo identity structure to play with new ways of being and experiencing life with less worry. Enjoy.

libra Astrological Symbol
Libra – Actions started near the full moon concerning travel education, public relations, or social change may not come to fruition due to confusion or ambiguous data. Wait until after the 18th to get better results. Your mental abilities can be brilliant or just erratic. Slow down enough to discern which direction they are taking. Changes in your home or its structure could run into setbacks.

Scorpio Astrological Sign
Scorpio – The full Moon at 12º Scorpio with Saturn in your 3rd house, Jupiter in your 12th house and Mercury conjunct Uranus in your 6th house squaring Pluto in the 4th creates a sort of minestrone soup of “oops!” and “wow” and “really?” Pay attention to communications at work – don’t take action on assumptions only. Health issues may not be as serious as you imagine. Love and children can be erratic and confusing. Just imagine you are running a river and hit unexpected white water – go with it.

Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Sagittarius – Saturn on your Sun is saying “no, no” Mars and Uranus are telling you”Yes, yes, go, go”. Jupiter is saying “more, more”, Neptune is causing you to wonder “who am I, where am I, what am I?? -- ambiguous, confusing, head-spinning. Only one thing to do Sag, find things, however small, that bring joy and comfort and hold those feelings until you can sort out and work with the planetary energies buffeting you now.
Capricorn Astrological Symbol
Capricorn – Pluto in Capricorn is now moving into the later part of your sign and if you were born from January 9th to the 19th, you are now looking forward to a similar transformation that earlier Capies went through. With Uranus and Mercury in Aries you may find yourself uncharacteristically erratic in thought and behavior and also willing to let go of much of your present foundation either physically or emotionally. Start new creations in line with who you feel yourself becoming.

Aquarius Astrological Symbol
Aquarius – Both New and Full moon put the spotlight on your home and foundations. Siblings or neighbors can cook up plans that are disruptive to your flow at the moment. Love can pop up unexpectedly through a class, trip, lecture or meditation group after the full Moon. Opportunities for investment or speculation could bring greater financial security.

Pisces Astrological Symbol
Pisces – Neptune on your sun increases your compassion, idealism and sensitivity, but` it can also cause fatigue, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Because of this you may feel as if you are being “lazy”. You’re not. Pay attention and don’t overdo even if it feels like you’re doing nothing. Not listening to your body can lead to feelings of disappointment in self and confusion, aimlessness and purposeless action. Rest and explore your inner worlds at this time so that your vision is grounded when the time comes to manifest it.

About Victoria: The passion I have for Astrology began when I was twenty-four. I had been traveling in Europe for months and was becoming more and more curious about the letters my mom was sending me. They were waiting for me in each city or town I went to and it was as if she had a spy following me. She seemed to know my every move. Then she started to give me advice about what was coming up and what to watch out for. Coming home, I was horrified to learn that both she and my dad (LT. Colonel in the Air Force) were involved in Astrology. I asked them how two well-educated and intelligent people could possibly believe a superstitious myth that was so lacking in any proof of its claims. My dad said he had no belief in it. It worked, so he used it, much like electricity – we don’t believe in it, don’t know exactly how it works, but are happy to turn on the lights with it.

So I set out to prove that they were deluded. After three years of study in San Francisco and taking a correspondence course from a school in England, I apologized.
Astrology has been part of my life ever since and has led to my involvement with researchers and teachers in the human potential movement, such as Jean Houston (Institute for Mind Research), Werner Erhardt (EST), Elmer Green (Duke University), Joe Kamiya (early researcher in bio-feedback), Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute) and others.

Sun sign astrology obviously doesn’t give the depth of knowledge available in a full reading. Each chart is unique, like snowflakes. But it’s fun and entertaining. Hope you get both from this column. You can get in touch with Victoria at 435-259-9417 or


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